Ya gonna splode ken baby dey seys ta me
so i steals dis raft & paddles
ta da zact middle a da lake
& put me land in order

alld sunk but me round lips
pouten bove de surface
o dis round lake bed & i
thunk dis where
civilization zat

fr who da Christ cares
da nimbus come in da center
o de pond when God let da water out
& dat mousehole drain
is kens lips laing dar

fr cows ta tromp on
some walking fish stop by
& in da last week a lemon aide
Mestizo listens over da muddy sphincter

want enough ta build a stand
& take me oracle arsehole
to site she siten dar company
on her stool askin
da drug-seer questions

and putten it on da paper
to stuff in da mouves & ears
of Alexanders & all she ask
i don't be obscene to her public
cause only i died.