DATA MINING the internet

Data mining You Tube, Google Earth, Google maps is a very new way of sharing the present and revealing the past. In the pursuit what I have come up with is certainly not what I was taught or expected.

A strong Narrative really can’t replace viewing hard evidence but once a logic is latched onto and existing evidence is presented properly, a truth can and most often does appear.

There is a physical narrative to Nature and though it is directly in front of us, and we are swaddled in it, the Natural time-line diminishes to a singularity where it becomes more God-like and difficult to describe.

In a future chapter I will describe how this Geometry is constructed around a universal Phi proportion and where the differences lie between Sacred and Profane constructs.

Sacred Geometry con scribes the path to singularity and makes it’s easier to see how Religions can and did arise from this evidence.

The closer you come to the “Big Bang” or moment of Creation, the tighter the historical knot of understanding becomes. The Scientist, Kirby Kemper told me “the new understandings will come from dipping into many of our emerging Sciences and forming new concepts from the best of all of their achievements.

In the portions of Nature’s narrative where Science becomes vague I rely on Mythology to bring truth to light. Myth does however open itself up to mirroring multiple meanings but once scooped up in narrative aids greatly to understanding.

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