Continent splatter!

The Bible speaks of “People of old” inhabiting, what was then, Pangea, one large continent risen out of the water.

The planet was upright and spinning nicely like a child’s toy top. North was straight up and South straight down.

These “men of Old” had millions of years to explore finding places that would allow them to flourish. Their lives seemed to thrive around the 0 parallel line as it existed at that time.

Pangea was one large peaceful continent where families flourished and it’s members grew to be very large super intelligent, light skinned, light straight haired people. They were the first members of the Adamic race.

ADAM, meaning "to be red", referring to the ruddy color of human skin...

After the cataclysm these first red-skinned people dotted the continents in various sized groups as the earth-rafts drifted apart from Pangea. These civil remnants devolved and in most cases became extinct. North America maintained the largest number of these red/blonde haired survivors.

Meanwhile the continents slowly and continuously moved apart. Remnants of the earliest population went adrift with them. Some of these people survived on the breakaway European continent. They seem to have gone extinct elsewhere.

A small number of these folks survived the human bottle neck caused by floods, tsunamis, earth quakes, electricity in the air…and continued existence in North America while other members of the culture sadly drifted out of sight. These were the people who re-grouped and created the ancient Megalithic monuments of the Americas.

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